Frisk Artboard YUPO A4 Pack of 8

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Explore even more creative possibilities with ease, using this versatile Yupo artboard!

The smooth, waterproof, non-porous surface is ideal for use with Mixed Media, Watercolours and Acrylics, allowing you to drip, pour, brush or dribble a wide range of media to create exciting effects.

Colour swims on the surface, leaving an almost translucent quality that isn’t achievable with more traditional surfaces. Then wipe away to reveal the white surface underneath, or scratch when dry to create texture and interest.

The tough, synthetic surface is laminated to a 2mm thick board offering a durable, stable painting surface that you can use at home, in the studio, or out and about.

A4 pack of 8

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Frisk Yupo Pads
Loose Sheets
Size Metric
29.7 x 21cm