SAA Artists 12 Soft Pastels - Portrait set

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Enjoy an assortment of colour with this beautiful SAA Soft Pastel Portrait set. This and other special sets of 12 have been curated by SAA Professional Artist, Carole Kibble, giving you expert input for fantastic results. These colours have been chosen to get you started in creating gorgeous portraits with ease.
SAA soft pastels offer vibrant, pigment-rich colour and excellent lightfastness. Easily blendable, they are made from the finest available pigments with robust chalks and china clays.
Crumble-resistant, they are ideal for preliminary sketches as well as drawing and painting. Mix them with a range of media, or create beautiful swathes of bold, pure pastel magic!

Colours included:
45 - Orange 1
60 - Poppy Red 4
65 - Cadmium Red Hue 4
75 - Rose Madder 1
280 - Burnt Sienna 3
285 - Burnt Sienna 4
290 - Madder Brown 1
295 - Madder Brown 4
315 - Purple Brown 4
350 - Raw Umber 1
380 - Red Grey 2
395 - Purple Grey 4

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SAA Artists' Soft Pastels