Ghiant Transfer Spray 400ml

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Don't let your drawing skills hold back your creativity!

Ghiant Transfer Spray can be misted over on the back of drawings, prints, or photographs for ease of tracing onto a variety of surfaces.

The spray works with most papers, and it transfers well to canvas, walls, primed wood, cloth, ceramics . . . Or anything your mind thinks up!

You are not limited by the size of what you'd like to trace as the spray can work with whatever size your original image is, giving you the maximum flexibility with your artwork, and a little goes a long way so it'll last for ages!


Spray a thin layer of Ghiant Transfer Spray onto the back of a paper print or photograph. Allow the carbon layer to dry for at least 5 minutes. Stick your print onto the surface with masking tape to ensure it doesn't slip or move during the tracing process. Trace the line that you want to transfer with a pencil, ballpoint pen or tracer and put just enough pressure on the material to transfer the image.

To make sure you don't accidentally transfer any of the carbon layer make sure you don't touch the drawing being copied with our bare hands or fingers when you are transferring the image. If you have done so by accident, you can usually remove the residue with a normal eraser.

Caution. Follow safety instructions carefully. We recommend testing the product on your chosen surfaces to ensure successful tracing.

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