Caran d'Ache Supracolor Aquarelle Water Soluble Metal Tin - 40 Assorted Coloured Pencils

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Water soluble softness and exceptional covering power, these superior quality soft pencils are prized by professionals and hobby artists alike.

The wide range of shades are suitable for a multitude of different techniques, and the water soluble qualities allow you to explore with soft, wet washes as well as detailed dry pencil marks.

Enjoy high pigment concentration, excellent lightfastness and unlimited blending with these superior pencils!

Colours Included:
White (001)
Light Grey (003)
Grey (005)
Greyish Black (008)
Black (009)
Yellowed Orange (010)
Pale Yellow (011)
Green Ochre (025)
Orange (030)
Light Ochre (032)
Brown Ochre (037)
Reddish Orange (040)
Umber (049)
Vermillion (060)
Russett (065)
Burnt Sienna (069)
Scarlet (070)
Salmon Pink (071)
Carmine (080)
Pink (081)
Purple (090)
Violet (120)
Periwinkle Blue (131)
Indigo Blue (139)
Ultramarine (140)
Night Blue (149)
Blue Jeans (155)
Prussian Blue (159)
Cobalt Blue (160)
Turquoise Blue (171)
Malachite Green (180)
Jade Green (211)
Grass Green (220)
Light Green (221)
Spruce Green (239)
Lemon Yellow (240)
Light Olive (245)
Bluish Pale (371)
Cream (491)
Purple Violet (810)

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