Caran d'Ache Neopastel - Set of 48 Assorted Colours

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Soft, vibrant and velvety, the Neopastel range combines the versatility and pigment punch of a pastel with the covering power and blendability of oil. Soluble in white spirit, these water resistant oil pastels are ideal for a wide range of techniques from sketching and flat washes to layering, shading and sgrafitto.

Explore the range of 96, bold colours and discover a world of unlimited creativity.

This assortment of 48 colours offers pastel artists a range of shades suitable for a large variety of subjects such as portraits, still lifes landscapes and abstracts.

Colours included:
White (001)
Light Grey (003)
Grey (005)
Dark Grey (007)
Black (009)
Yellow (010)
Pale Yellow (011)
Olive Yellow (015)
Golden Yellow (020)
Orange (030)
Orangish Yellow (031)
Ochre (035)
Olive Brown (039)
Raw Umber (049)
Flame Red (050)
Salmon (051)
Brown (059)
Vermilion (060)
Russet (065)
Scarlet (070)
Salmon Pink (071)
Carmine (080)
Pink (081)
Purple (090)
Light Purple Viole (101)
Lilac (110)
Mauve (111)
Violet (120)
Periwinkle Blue (131)
Ultramarine (140)
Sky Blue (141)
Sapphire Blue (150)
Prussian Blue (159)
Cobalt Blue (160)
Light Blue (161)
Turquoise Blue (171)
Malachite Green (180)
Turquoise Green (191)
Emerald Green (210)
Jade Green (211)
Grass Green (220)
Moss Green (225)
Dark Green (229)
Yellow Green (230)
Lime Green (231)
Lemon Yellow (240)
Light Olive (245)
Olive (249)

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Caran d’Ache
Caran d'Ache Neopastel