Caran d'Ache Luminance Professional Colour Pencils Assorted Colours Set of 20

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Supreme lightfastness with a creamy, highly pigmented core of intense colour make the Luminance range a top quality choice for even the most demanding of pencil artists.
The light resistance of these pencils complies with the highest international standards for light resistance in coloured pencils, whilst the maximum covering power is ideal for superimposing and shading, with unlimited mixed media combinations.

Colours Included:
White (001)
Black (009)
Orange (030)
Yellow Ochre (034)
Permanent Red (061)
Russet (065)
Burnt Sienna (069)
Manganese Violet (112)
Prussian Blue (159)
Phthalocyanine Blue (162)
Grass Green (220)
Lemon Yellow (240)
Spring Green (470)
Slate Grey (495)
Raw Umber (548)
Anthraquinoid Pink (571)
Perylene Brown (585)
Light Cobalt Blue (661)
Dark Sap Green (739)
Golden Bismuth Yellow (820)

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