Vic Bearcroft's Pastel Velour Pad - Large Black and Dark Grey (350mm x 500mm)

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Discover the freedom and delicacy of pastel with Vic's extended Pastel Velour Pad range!

Each pad features 10 sheets of 260gsm (120lbs) velour pastel paper and is ideal for pastel artists of all levels. The fine hairs of the velour surface provide a deep tooth, meaning it can take layer after layer of pastel without muddying. The delicate softness of the surface also means colour can be applied evenly with the pressure of application altering the opacity of colour that is created.

Developed in collaboration with the renowned pastel artist, this pad represents the true choice of the professionals. Though Vic enjoys velour for the many fur textures it allows him to create, his velour pads are ideal for any subject of work, including landscape and portraiture.

As versatile as they are eye-catching, the pads come in two colour ranges - sandy and light grey, and black and dark grey, and also two sizes, regular measuring 250mm x 350mm and large at 350mm x 500mm.

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