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Pebeo 4Artist Marker - 4mm Round Deep Blue

Product code: 72580111
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The perfect contemporary painting tool!

These oil based markers are glossy, opaque and highly pigmented with genuine artists pigments, the colours can be mixed together, moved with a brush when on a non-absorbent surface and are all permanent and lightfast!

They all have the same drying rate with a glossy finish and have no colour shift between wet and dry. They are also uniform in application.

4Artists Markers can be applied to most surfaces including canvas, paper, plastic, wood, metal and can be applied over the top of acrylic, oil and other solvent based paints including the Pebeo Mixed Media ranges.

Available in 4 different nibs and up to 18 different colours there really is a pen for everyone. The 2mm round is available in 10 of the 18 colours and allows precise drawing, finishing touches, adding high and low lights, and fine writing; it allows for a whopping 207 metres of writing! The 4mm round is available in all 18 colours and is a great all rounder; it allows for up to 156 metres of writing. The 8mm chisel is fantastic for achieving flat washes and calligraphy; it allows up to 181 metres of writing. The final pen nib offers a 15mm flat which is great for covering large areas, fabulous for washes of colour; it allows up to 126 metres of writing.

Technical Information
Colour: Deep Blue
Pigments: PW6 / PB15 / PV37
Transparency: Opaque
Lightfast:Very Good

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Pebeo 4Artist Paint Markers
Round Deep Blue
Size Metric