Speedball Screen Printing Fabric Multifilament 8xx 42in x 5yds (Each)

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Multifilament fabric is woven of twisted strand threads.

It gives the screen more tooth and a more coarse surface. This coarseness allows adhering the stencils easier and a heavier ink deposit.

The coarseness of the fabric, determined by the number of holes per linear inch, is indicated by an "XX". The smaller the "XX" the more coarse the screen will be. For example, an 8xx screen will be more coarse than a 12xx screen.

The more holes per linear inch, the finer details can be screen printed.

The Screen Fabrics are available in packs of 6 sheets and 5 yard rolls.

The sheets are 12xx in coarseness and 12×16" in size, large enough to fit a 10×14" frame.

The rolls are available in 42" and 52" width and coarseness from 8xx to 14xx.

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