Pebeo Studio XL Oil 200ml PHTHALOCYANINE EMERALD - (Note: UK Mainland Delivery only)

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XL Studio fine oil is suitable for all techniques, from glazes to thick layers and can, of course, be used in conjunction with the mediums and auxiliaries. This is the only range of oil that offers a palette of colours and effects as diverse: there are 64 colours in total, traditional colours, light or pastel colours, bright modern colours without forgetting the ready-to-use unique transparent glazing colours and iridescent Dyna colours. All these colours are compatible with each other and offer a multitude of sumptuous mixtures.

Its 200ml tube packaging and formulation makes it a product suited for larger works.
It is for painters who seek a good quality, but affordable oil. The traditional oil painters will enjoy the many classic colours of the range. The painters who are looking for modernity will not be disappointed.

Allow 6-9 months of drying before varnishing work.

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Pebeo Studio XL Oils
Phthalocyanine Emerald
Pebeo 200ml in cool shade Phthalo Emerald. Pebeo Oil Paint is great. Pebeo Oil Paint 200Ml gives life. Buy from us now with confidence.