Tom Norton's Walnut Ink Bundle - Ink, Medium & Drawing Stick

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Experience the unique richness of colour and superior rendering capabilities of walnut ink with this complete kit, including ink, medium and drawing stick.
Loved by the world's most famous artists, this intensely pigmented, water soluble acid free ink creates beautiful warm browns, perfect for watercolour techniques such as layering, light washes and lifting out. Extremely lightfast, this fantastic drawing ink means you can enjoy all the qualities of the old masters walnut ink, without the fading and acidic nature of the old formula!

Tom Norton's Drawing Stick
Carved from bamboo, the nib of this unique drawing stick produces fine lines and expressive detail, while the felt brush at the other end is ideal for broad strokes of variable widths.

Tom Norton's Darkening Medium 30ml
Tom Norton's Darkening Medium is not an ink but an additive used to darken the original Walnut Ink when a drawing needs that extra "punch".
Heavily pigmented and made with the same binder as the original, it can be added or mixed with Walnut Ink without changing its working properties.
Give your sepia drawings real depth and dimension with this fantastic medium.

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