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Parker Quink Washable Ink Blue 57ml

Product code: PQWB
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This classic ink offers the artist an unparalleled level of experimentation, unmatched by many other inks available on the market today.

Designed to give a smooth flow to a fountain pen, it lends itself beautifully to not only many drawing and calligraphy techniques, but can also be incorporated into an array of watercolour and mixed media techniques.

Applying water to the wet ink will cause the ink to run and separate into blue and yellow components; more of these become obvious as it moves with the addition of more water. Wet-on-wet techniques create more feathering, and translucent wash layers that can be built up.

You can also use the addition of bleach to create interesting techniques within your artwork. Bleaching black Quink gives you a rusty/gold kind of colour while bleaching blue/black or blue gives a turquoise/green colour. It is worth noting that the addition of bleach will affect the longevity of your work.

Quink is also incredibly lightfast, allowing it to be used where archival is important. The intensity of the ink won't fade over time and will withstand exposure to sunlight.

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Parker Quink Ink
Washable Blue