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Rembrandt Watercolour Metal Granulating Set of 12 x 10ml tubes

Product code: RRWGS10
£99.95 inc VAT
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Renowned as a professional top quality paint, Rembrandt Artists' Watercolours offer the maximum transparency, intensity and brilliance that their name deserves - it's pure quality all the way.

The colour range is made from the purest pigments and purest quality gum arabic for brilliant and constant colours.

The pigments in Granulating colours settle into the valleys of the paper leaving a grainy texture. When mixed with other colours, the granulating colours will separate allowing for interesting effects.

Set of 12 x 10ml Tubes of Granulating colours.

Colours include:
Dusk Yellow 230
Raw Sienna 234
Dusk Pink 373
Greenish Umber 410
French Ultramarine 503
Ultramarine Violet 507
Cerulean Bue 534
Cobalt Violet 539
Viridian 616
Green Earth 629
Dusk Green 630
Cobalt Turquoise Green 682

All colours in this granulating set have the highest lightfastness rating of +++ (100+ years under museum conditions), except for Dusk Pink (373) which has a lightfastness rating of ++ (25-100 years under museum conditions).

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Rembrandt Artists' Watercolours