Panpastel Artists Pastel Set of 10 - Extra Dark Shades Warm

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PanPastel Colors are genuine artists' quality pastels, uniquely packaged in a pan, allowing the artist to lift, blend, layer, control and apply pastel colour just like paint!

Colours included in this set:

- Orange Extra Dark -280.1
- Yellow Ochre Extra Dark -270.1
- Diarylide Yellow Extra Dark -250.1
- Hansa Yellow Extra Dark - 220.1
- Bright Yellow Green Extra Dark - 680.1
- Permanent Red Extra Dark - 340.1
- Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark - 380.1
- Burnt Sienna Extra Dark - 740.1
- Raw Umber Extra Dark - 780.1
- Neutral Grey Extra Dark - 820.1

This set of 10 Shades are made with highest quality pigments, have excellent lightfastness and are so soft you cannot hold them.

With this set you will receive:
Sofft Tools
Storage Jar

Each pan contains 35% more material than the average stick*.

*Based on a market survey of soft pastel sticks (Standard size)

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Panpastel Artists' Pastels