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CleanART Heavy Body Acrylic paints have a very thick and buttery consistency and dry to a flexible, opaque, silk finish with all the texture of the original application. This style of paint is usually the preserve of the high end professional artist. This paint has been developed to make it economically accessible to the student, hobbyist or more advanced artist. This style of very thick acrylic paint is extremely versatile.

It can do everything a normal liquid acrylic can do and much more;
· Used neat these paints can be brushed or trowelled on to a surface with a knife, plastic tool or even an old credit card to produce thick, crusty, 3D textured effects.
· Mixed with a little water they can be used to produce a delicate wash.
· These paints don't crack on drying even when applied in thick layers they remain flexible and retain all the wonderful textures of the original application.

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Brian Clegg
CleanART Heavy Body Acrylics
Brian Clegg 250ml in vivid tone Purple. Acrylic Paint sticks well. Order from us now with confidence.