Contemporary Figures in Watercolour with Leo Crane and Roy Joseph Butler, and Materials Bundle

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This bundle contains the Contemporary Figures in Watercolour book, a 14ml tube of Caput Mortem SAA watercolour, and a Small Frisk Plastic Folding Palette.

This really rather intriguing book is less about form than function. That is to say, it’s about telling your subject’s story and recording their dynamics.

A good figure painting is not a static thing and should contain the implication that the subject is a real person who has their own personality and history and could walk out of the frame at any minute. In a way, it’s a bit like painting water - the frozen moment is a hint to all that has come before and all that is yet to come.

At first sight, the illustrations here can look a bit of a mess - a tangle of colours and shapes that bear little resemblance to the human form (quite a few of the marks are truly abstract). Look deeper, however, and you realise that you’re actually seeing what’s promised in the subtitle - speed, gesture and story.

The book is a remarkable collaboration between artist and model that really does get to the heart of what makes a figure painting a real person.

Caput Mortem:
Pigment Composition: Synthetic Iron Oxide
Colour Index No.:PR101
Transparency: O (Opaque)
Permanance: AA (Extremely Permanent)

Frisk Plastic Palette:
Folding palette with thumb hole. Contains 20 small flat wells and 5 large wells.
Sizes: 20cm x 10cm, open 20cm x 20cms

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