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Drawing and Painting Cats Book with Vic Bearcroft

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You may remember Vic from his previous book, Drawing & Painting Wild Animals, which gave us some wonderfully sensitive views of a large section of the animal kingdom. This, which is more specific, is every bit as good. We all love cats: domestic, feral, big, small, and Vic is no exception, he could make friends with a lion or a tiger, and does! One of the illustrations from this fantastic book sums this up nicely - it's called A Night on The Tiles, and captures that king-of-all-I-survey attitude coupled with a perplexed look that perfectly sums up the domestic moggy.

Usually it's unwise to have too high expectations when anticipating a new release. Feel free, though, to make an exception for this one. Vic's modelling is pitch-perfect on every page. Cats are tricky things to draw because they're rarely still and a lot of people, even professional artists, get the perspective wrong at some point. Here, though, a prowling leopard, a lion or a tiger, a relaxed moggy or a playful kitten are just right and Vic gets the expressions right in every situation.

This is a wonderfully varied book, both in terms of subject matter and styles. Vic knows exactly when to use hatching and hard edges and when to suggest form and detail with carefully-laid washes. The instruction is thorough and Vic deals with colours and textures as well as explaining anatomy and basic shapes. He works in watercolour, acrylic, ink, pastel and pencil, so there's something for everyone, as long as you like cats, of course! And, as if that wasn't enough, there's an accompanying DVD available where Vic uses reference photos and sketches as well as taking a trip out to a wildlife park and painting a portrait of his assistant Marley.

Search Press . 144 pages . Colour Throughout . 70 mins

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