Beginner's Guide to Painting with Oil Pastels Book with Tim Fisher

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This is a complete guide to a rewarding medium that is often overlooked. You’ll require relatively little equipment and Tim's instructions are easy to follow. Expect to become an enthusiast!

Oil pastels have been around for almost 100 years - Tim includes a useful and fascinating history in his introduction to this excellent guide to the medium.

Oil pastels are a marriage of wax crayons and the purer pigments used in traditional pastels. Their main advantages are that they are dust-free and can be applied to almost any surface without preparation.

As becomes apparent in this book, they are ideal as a quick sketching medium, but Tim will also show you how they are capable of much more. You can achieve subtle effects by using blenders and by combining them with other media such as acrylics and inks. In a series of full-colour demonstrations, Tim shows you how to work with subjects as diverse as landscapes, buildings, boats, dogs, trees and flowers.

Search Press . Paperback . 96 pages . Colour throughout

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