The Field Guide to Drawing & Sketching Animals with Tim Pond.

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This comprehensive guide to drawing animals will tell you everything you need to know. It’ll even give you confidence if you’ve been afraid to try the subject because the complexities of shape, form, structure and features look too daunting.

Tim not only introduces these topics and more, including the all-important perspective, he also suggests ways of simplifying your approach so that you’ll get perfect results every time. He calls these little tricks Widgets and Gizmos and they do seem almost like magic. In practice, they’re just simple grids and block outlines that point you in the right direction before you can overthink the problem. You’ll wonder why no-one’s ever told you about them before!

Every type of animal is here, from primates to ungulates and shellfish to amphibians. You’ve never wanted to draw a shrimp? Tim’s approach is so enticing and encouraging that you’ll be itching to do so the moment you see what’s possible.

Although thorough, Tim’s approach is straightforward and never intimidating. In the anatomical diagrams, the differently-coloured shading makes it easy to follow the structure that underlies the outward appearance of your subject.

The whole book is a work of art that will have you producing your own in a very short time.

Search Press - Paperback - 192 pages - Colour throughout

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