Drawing Birds with Andrew Forkner.

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This comprehensive guide will show you not just how to draw birds but, more importantly, that you have the ability to do it!

"I wish I could do that" is, as Andrew Forkner points out, the best starting place. He says the fact that you have the desire and motivation means that you also have the patience to develop the technical and observational skills you'll need to draw birds successfully.

Andrew explains the materials you'll need, how to observe and how to find reference material. He'll also explain what to put down in a sketch and how to transfer this to a larger work. He covers form and structure, including details such as feathers, eyes, beaks and feet.

The book then moves to a series of step-by-step projects covering water and land-based birds as well as falcons, owls and garden varieties. It also has a special section on capturing birds in flight as well as natural habitats.

There is plenty here to keep you encouraged and informed and this is an excellent introductory guide.

Search Press - Paperback - 96 Pages - Black & White illustrations

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